11/05/2012 11:33 am ET

'Dragon Baby,' Patrick Boivin Kung Fu Spoof Starring Son Romeo Elvis, Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Do you think that when young Romeo Elvis Bulte Boivin looks at colleges in 18 years, he'll include this clip in his application? Wouldn't you?

It used to be that all a baby had to do was get photographed swimming naked in a pool to garner fame, but obviously the bar has been raised. In fact, not only is "Dragon Baby" raising the bar, he's likely flipping over the bar and using it as a weapon.

But as his dad, Patrick Boivin, proved in his previous short film, "Iron Baby," this kind of talent runs in the family. Boivin's daughter, Marguerite, starred in his 2010 "Iron Man" spoof.

Even though their super-human skills are digitally added, that might make for one heck of a sibling rivalry.

As of press time, "Iron Baby" has been viewed more than 13 million times, where as "Dragon Baby," which was uploaded Nov. 2, has already received 3.7 million views.



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