11/05/2012 03:11 pm ET

Election Night 2008: Grant Park Was The Scene Of History In The Making (PHOTOS)

What a difference four years make.

In 2008, an estimated 240,000 people showed up for a historic night in Grant Park when Barack Obama was elected the country's 44th president. The ticketing policy was liberal, the crowds were enormous and spirits were high thanks to Obama's clear lead over his opponent, Sen. John McCain.

Flash forward to tomorrow night's rally at McCormick Place: the campaign, citing weather and security concerns, has moved the incumbent's election night plans indoors. The turnout will be smaller as the Lakeside Center ballroom is estimated to hold about 3,000 people--which, the Chicago Tribune notes, can potentially accomodate thousands more, and tickets were less easy to come by. To gain entry this year, volunteers had to lend a hand to the campaign.

The Tribune reports CNN is working with state officials to hold a public viewing party at the Thompson Center with a jumbo screen to televise the live results.

Security for election night at McCormick Place has been ramping up all weekend despite a more controlled crowd at the indoor venue. Fox Chicago reports Mitt Romney's election night rally will be at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

Whatever the outcome, nothing can ever erase that exhilarating 60-degree November from Chicago's history. On the eve of the 2012 election, HuffPost Chicago takes a look back at the history-making evening in Grant Park.

Scenes From Election Night 2008: Grant Park