11/05/2012 05:16 pm ET Updated Nov 05, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Stories: How Teens Were Affected By The Superstorm

Hurricane Sandy left millions on the East Coast without power, damaged homes, and has claimed an estimated 113 lives so far. Businesses and schools were shut down throughout the affected areas, and some public schools were used as shelters for those without power, heat or a safe place to stay.

The stories that emerged in the aftermath of the storm include tales of heroism, generosity and tragedy. Seventeen-year-old Joseph Harasym survived a night in a flooded house, then swam to safety. Sam Pritt, also 17, developed a computer algorithm used by FEMA in the aftermath of the storm. In the days following the death of 13-year-old Angela Dresch, her friends and classmates created a Facebook page in her memory. Click through the slideshow below for five stories of how teens were impacted by Hurricane Sandy this past week.

While the majority of schools in New York and New Jersey have since reopened, it is unclear how many will make up lost time or move forward while their communities recover.

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Teens In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Sandy