11/05/2012 11:26 am ET

Kid Rock: 'Detroit, Michigan' Song Debuts On State Website (POLL)

It seems Michigan's tourism office isn't satisfied with one anthem -- just a few months after the statewide singalong to "Good Time," which some might still have stuck in their heads, the Pure Michigan website has partnered with Kid Rock to exclusively premiere his new song "Detroit, Michigan."

The song appears on Kid's ninth studio album, "Rebel Soul," which will be released on Nov. 19. The rocker, who many are quick to point out is technically a native son of rural Romeo, Mich., has been doing plenty lately for Detroit. He recently made a commercial for Quicken Loans touting "Opportunity" in Detroit. Earlier this year, he teamed up with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra to put on a benefit concert to support the DSO.

The lyrics of Kid Rock's new song, quoted on the state website, pay homage to Detroit's musical lineage and other notable history:

Talkin’ ‘bout Rosa Parks we sent her

Talkin’ ‘bout Henry Ford the inventor

Talkin’ ‘bout Aretha yeah we got her

The Queen of Soul

Bob Seger yeah we got him

And that old time rock n roll

Slim Shady set the world on fire

The Big Three baby and the finest cars

George Clinton’s P Funk all stars

We spend our days on the line and our nights in the bars

But while it's certainly a nice sentiment, we can't help but wonder after a listen if the rocker has lost the edge that made songs like "Cowboy" and "Bawitdaba," whether you love them or hate them, gut-busting, fist-pumping, chart-topping singles. Ritchie also makes nods to Cleveland, New York, Austin, New Orleans and a smattering of other music spots, so it's hard not to feel a little pandered to. No denying it's catchy, though.

Head over to to listen to the new Kid Rock anthem, then come back and take our poll. And if it doesn't curb your Detroit music craving, we've got plenty more on our pump-up mix of 24 Detroit jams. Listen on Spotify, below.



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