11/05/2012 04:28 pm ET

Kirko Bangz Says 'See Me For More Than Kirko' On NiteCap With Peter Bailey (VIDEO)

By Peter Bailey

In a genre saturated in war stories, it seems someone should remind fans Billboard success also ushers in good times.

Enter Kirko Bangz.

"I always tell my homies, 'Let's make it like a big vacation,'" explains Kirko. "We're just on a vacation for a little while and I just have a job I gotta handle."

And of course Miami, ever-present in vacay plans, popped up on the Houston emcee's map as he and his cohorts arrived in the Magic City to film the video for his feature "Young & Gettin' It" with Meek Mill.

The song, much like Kirko's smash "Drank In My Cup", is an ode to frolicking with the bodacious beauties who accompany any 23-year old that's gettin' it.

"It was my first time on a yacht; my mom has a big thing for dolphins and I was the first person to spot one out there chillin", boasts Kirko. "There were a lot of girls out there. Meek's the homie, so they were doing it really big."

As with every experience he shared with me that night inside DJ Khaled's famed We The Best Studio, he spoke with a refreshing appreciation of how far he's come from beginning in a single-parent home in Houston.

As if he was indeed on one long extended vacation.

Said Kirko: "Hip hop is one of those things; it takes us as far as we wanna go."

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