11/05/2012 04:43 pm ET

Mark Wayne Williams, 'Petoskey Batman', Gives Interview

Even superheroes are not above the law.

With the looming threat of serving 15 years in prison, real-life superhero Mark Wayne Williams, who goes by the name of "Petoskey Batman" and spends his time "patrolling" the downtown area of Petosky, Mich., opened up in an interview with TruTV.

Williams was arrested in late September and charged with obstruction of police after authorities said he wouldn't leave them alone while they searched for a driver who had fled an accident.

Williams has pleaded not guilty. It's his fourth arrest, including another batman-related incident last year and now he's looking at more than a decade behind bars if a jury finds him guilty.

Even though he believes he was wrongfully arrested in September, Williams told TruTV he's not anti-cop.

"The police, they have a job to do," Williams said. "And their job is to arrest people who break the law. I feel that there is a gap between justice and the law, and a lot of the time things can be resolved without sending somebody to jail.”

Williams said he believes his costume is a crucial part of his mission to promote public awareness and responsibility.

"If I was out there doing it in jeans and a t-shirt, nobody would really pay attention. The whole point of me being out there doing this is to get people’s attention, and to get them to realize that it’s up to everybody to take care of the community and make it better."

In May of last year, police in Petoskey arrested Williams after finding him dangling from a roof in full uniform.

Cops discovered he was carrying a baton, a canister of a chemical irritant spray and lead-lined gloves. He was arrested for trespassing and carrying dangerous weapons and sentenced in October 2011 to six months probation.

This time, he may not be so lucky, but if he is, don't count on the Petoskey Batman to disappear anytime soon.

“I will absolutely continue," Williams said. "Actually, I’m planning to go on patrol tonight.”



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