11/05/2012 02:13 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mitt Romney Talks Mormonism, YouTube Clip From 2007 Interview Goes Viral (VIDEO)

A video showing Mitt Romney discussing his Mormon faith has become a viral sensation in the days leading up to the election.

The YouTube video, which shows a visibly agitated Romney defending the Mormon faith in an off-air exchange with conservative radio talk show host Jan Mickelson, has already racked up more than a million views since it was posted online last week.

The clip from a 2007 interview may not be new, but it has, according to some, reignited a debate about the GOP nominee's religious beliefs.

The Washington Post writes:

Mitt Romney has largely avoided discussing the details of his Mormon faith throughout this year’s presidential race, speaking in general terms about his church-related values and charitable deeds. But the revival this week of a testy 2007 interview caught on video offers a reminder of the struggles Romney has confronted as a politician wary of being defined, or confined, by his faith.

“I’m not running as a Mormon,” Romney tells Mickelson in the video. “And I get a little tired of coming on a show like yours and having it [be] all about Mormons.”

The 5-minute clip shows Romney and Michelson engaged in a theological discussion about a variety of topics including abortion and the second coming of Christ, Politico notes.

Watch the full exchange below:



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