11/05/2012 03:18 pm ET

Wedding Ring Missing For 17 Years Found In Backyard

How's this for lost and found? On Sunday, a Massachusetts woman was reunited with her engagement ring that had been missing for 17 years.

Local newspaper The Patriot Ledger reports that Valerie Lynch lost her wedding band and 1.2-carat diamond engagement ring in 1995 at her sister's Plymouth, Mass. home after taking them off to put sunscreen on her children.

A couple of years later, the band was found, though the engagement ring remained missing. But on Sunday, Lynch's sister met metal detection hobbyist Kent Blethen, who offered to do a search. Blethen found the ring within 40 minutes.

“I was in complete shock –- absolute shock. I just keep looking at it now, and I just can’t even believe its on my finger,” Lynch told CBS Boston. “It’s more beautiful than I ever remember.”

But Lynch shouldn't feel too bad about her ordeal -- wedding rings have also been lost in Lake Erie, in the trash, and on a train.

Check out more crazy stories of lost (and found) wedding rings in the slideshow below.

Bizarre Lost Wedding Ring Stories

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