11/05/2012 02:57 pm ET Updated Nov 05, 2012

Where To Vote In New York After Hurricane Sandy; Extension Day A Possibility [UPDATE]

UPDATE: According to Reuters, Governor Cuomo announced Monday evening that "New Yorkers affected by superstorm Sandy will be allowed to vote in Tuesday's U.S. election in any polling place by presenting an affidavit." For more details, go here.


As New Yorkers continue to rebuild after Hurricane Sandy, many are also preparing to cast their vote for the 2012 presidential election on Tuesday.

However, because of the storm's widespread damage, an estimated 143,000 New York City voters will now need to find new polling sites to cast their ballot. Before venturing out, we recommend checking in with this updated list of polling sites to see whether your site is among the 60 sites that have been relocated because of the storm's destruction.

A state official said on Sunday that if counties disrupted by the storm see less than 25 percent in voter turnout, an extra day to cast their ballots may be a possibility.

The move would be unprecedented.

Mayor Bloomberg stressed the importance of communicating polling changes in the wake of the hurricane. "They have real problems and we've got to make sure that everybody can vote," he said. "Over the next day, it's going to be critical that the Board of Elections communicate this to their poll workers."

Former Governor Mitt Romney and President Obama are neck-to-neck in the polls, just one day before the election.