11/06/2012 09:31 am ET

Al Gore Running For Office On Election Day (But Not The One You Think)

Al Gore is running for office on Election Day, but it's not the big Democratic name you think.

Albert N. Gore Jr., a retired United Methodist minister, is running as the Democratic candiate for U.S. Senate against Republican incumbent Sen. Roger Wicker in Mississippi.

"It is going to be close race even though [political pundits] are giving Wicker a green light, but he may not have it," Gore has said of his campaign to unseat Wicker, according to djournal.com.

The Sun Herald reported last month:

Gore, 82, is a retired United Methodist minister and retired chaplain for the U.S. Army Special Forces. He is making his first run for public office. Gore serves on the state Democratic Executive Committee and was chairman of the Oktibbeha County Democratic Party for eight years. He gave up the county chairmanship when he entered the Senate race.

"Since we like to fight wars, we need to take care of the casualties -- not only those who expire but also those who are wounded and those who come back with psychological and emotional problems," Gore said.

According to CNN, the Mississippi Democrat calls former vice president Al Gore a distant relative. Despite having never met him, the Senate candidate has said, "He's a good man. Honest. And he should have been president."

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