11/06/2012 07:31 pm ET Updated Feb 11, 2013

Bill Maher: Romney An 'Are You F***ing Kidding Me?' Candidate (VIDEO)

Bill Maher joined HuffPost Live Tuesday night to discuss the election, and had a colorful description of Mitt Romney and other GOP presidential candidates.

"The Republicans, who are just the masters of the 'Are You Fucking Kidding Me?' candidate, never disappoint in that area," he told hosts Marc Lamont Hill and Alicia Menendez. "You think they'd find the bottom of the barrel, and they find somebody more ridiculous. And they did."

Maher said that a Romney victory would be "fantastic" for him as a comedian.

"It's kind of a win-win for me," he said. "If Obama wins, it's a win for the country, and if Romney wins it's a win for comedy. For comedians, he is gold."

Watch that clip above.

Maher added that he believes his $1 million donation to Obama's campaign is more of an investment than a donation, because Romney "will fuck up this country in a way that i will actually lose even more money." Watch: Maher also shared his thoughts on Obama's second term if he is reelected, predicting that he would push a more progressive agenda. Watch: