11/06/2012 08:17 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Bill O'Reilly On Romney: You Can't 'Coast' To The Finish Line, 'White Establishment Is The Minority'

"I feel like an oracle," Bill O'Reilly said on Tuesday night. Surprise!

O'Reilly barreled into the relatively staid Fox News studios and, as he often does, said he could have seen positive numbers for President Obama coming a mile off. He explained that, in his opinion, Hurricane Sandy had benefited Obama.

"If he wins tonight, Hurricane Sandy is one of the reasons," he said.

But O'Reilly also had sharp words for Romney.

"The strategy was, 'we did better than we thought we were going to do in the debates,'" he said. "'We're going to roll that into election day and take no chances.' And that's exactly what the Romney campaign did. They took no chances ... you've got to sprint to the finish line, not coast in like the Governor did. You've gotta be bold and fresh!"

(We can always count on O'Reilly to quote his book titles.)

O'Reilly also talked about what he said were the changing demographics of the country.

"We're changing demographically," he said. "We're changing our attitudes. We're becoming more like Western Europe ... and I'm not going to generalize about any ethnic group, it's a mentality that pervades across society ... some people are saying, 'I don't want to do it, but I want them to do it for me.'"

Earlier, though, O'Reilly seemed to definitely generalize about ethnic groups.

"Obama wins because it's not a traditional America anymore," he said. "The white establishment is the minority. People want things."


11/07/2012 12:23 AM EST

That's A Wrap!

Well folks, thanks for spending your election night with HuffPost Media, experiencing the wacky world of CNN's election gadgetry, Chris Matthews, and Fox News' dueling personalities.

Though the Romney campaign is not conceding Ohio at the moment, networks have unanimously called the election for Obama and are awaiting the speeches that will inevitably follow.

We'll post updates of our newest posts here, but go to for all the latest!

11/06/2012 11:45 PM EST


Sorry for the lack of an update but FOX NEWS IS ARGUING WITH ITSELF ABOUT WHETHER OBAMA WON OR NOT. Just, just read:

11/06/2012 11:18 PM EST


CNN calls that President Obama is re-elected. That's a wrap.

11/06/2012 11:15 PM EST


NBC called the entire election for President Obama. CNN's current count stands at 249 electoral votes for Obama, and 191 for Romney.

11/06/2012 11:07 PM EST

The Senate!

CNN projects that the Democrats hold the Senate. Insert CNN's "BALANCE OF POWER" graphic now!


11/06/2012 10:54 PM EST

ABC News Updates Viewers On Electoral Count

With ABC News calling Arizona for Gov. Romney, host George Stephanopoulos described the electoral votes in so far as "very, very close." Romney is at 174, and President Obama is at 173. "But there are so many big states to come in: Ohio, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina," he said.

11/06/2012 10:46 PM EST

Media Coverage Stresses Demographics

@ HuffPostMedia :

Big talk tonight: demographics. On ABC, Ron Brownstein says this is 'the last time' a party will try to win on the backs of the white vote.

11/06/2012 10:40 PM EST

Chris Matthews Is 'Annoyed'

As Maddow said that MSNBC was waiting to bring its viewers Elizabeth Warren's speech, Matthews said, "There's a tradition you can't really give a victory speech until your opponent accepts defeat. It's pretty powerful."

Lawrence O'Donnell interjected that that Warren probably wanted to get her remarks in before the 11:00 p.m. local news. "If she waits for Brown, she might not be able to do it," he said.

"Maybe she's waiting for Brown!" Maddow said.

"Well I think it's powerful because people watch television and watch elections, and they need to have some credibility. They need to have for someone to say, 'It's over.' And the best person to do that is the person who loses."

Steve Schmidt agreed and said he thought it was very "bad form" for the victor to give a speech before the person who was defeated. "I think that's a tradition you don't want to see lost in an election," he added.

11/06/2012 10:28 PM EST

CNN Pundits Agree

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James Carville: Obama's going to win. Alex Castellanos: 'I hate it when he's right.'

11/06/2012 10:22 PM EST

@ markknoller :

If Pres Obama wins Florida at this point, the election is over," says CBS News anchor Scott Pelley, but vote count extremely tight.



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