11/06/2012 01:46 am ET

Chris Berman Interviews With Obama, Romney Air During 'Monday Night Football' VIDEO)

If President Obama finds himself back.. back.. back.. back in the White House for another four years then perhaps he will have Chris Berman to thank.

Or not.

In a move quite unlikely to alter the outcome of the 2012 election, the ESPN personality who has regaled and/or angered you during the annual Home Run Derby and with rarely topical NFL player nicknames conducted 11th-hour interviews with Obama and Governor Mitt Romney. The brief, pre-recorded Q&As were broadcast during halftime of "Monday Night Football." In 2008, Berman interviewed Obama and John McCain.

As the incumbent, Obama's answers were broadcast first this time around. After jokingly taking credit for delivering a college football playoff, Obama touted the defense of the Chicago Bears. For his part, Romney proclaimed his loyalty to the New England sports teams (and took credit for the pair of Patriots' Super Bowl trophies during his tenure). He also cited performance-enhancing drugs as the most troubling issue in sports.


Well? College football playoffs? Winter Olympics? Which gets your vote? Who won over "Monday Night Football" viewers?

The only thing clear from the Twitter reactions is that Berman won't be getting many write-in votes on election day.

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