11/06/2012 06:00 am ET Updated Nov 06, 2012

Election Day Photos: Send Us A Picture When You Vote

It's here: Election Day 2012, and it's hard to remember an election year that has been more focused on how women will vote or issues that impact women intimately. Both presidential candidates have attempted to court female voters -- from the Obama campaigns aggressive women-wooing tactics to Mitt Romney's mid-debate claim that he sought out "binders full of women" to hire when he was governor of Massachusetts.

The issues directly affecting women in this election include the economy, access to health care, reproductive rights, the wage gap and how underrepresented women are in Congress -- and lots is at stake in the House and Senate races as well.

The biggest impact you can make is to locate your polling place, make your way there even though you have zillions of other commitments today and cast your ballot.

If you are able to do that, we think that's worth celebrating. We hope you'll take a photo of yourself at the polls -- or ask someone else to -- and share it with us via Twitter or Instagram @HuffPostWomen using #hpwIVoted or simply leave a note in the comments below letting the whole wide Internet know you voted. We'll feature your photos here to show the Women's Vote everyone's been talking about as it happens, in real time, and that you're part of it.