11/06/2012 11:53 am ET

Election Tweets From Women: What Female Voters Are Saying On Twitter Today

It's Election Day, the polls are open and Twitter is already lighting up with tweets from female voters. Our favorites so far include Andrea Lavinthal's dispatch from the polls, "Hour and a half line +1 ex boyfriend + half his bagel = my voting experience," and we couldn't agree more with Salon writer Irin Carmon, who wrote, "If you don't like an instagram of a polling place you hate democracy." We also appreciated this forward-thinking suggestion from Jocelyn Plums (@FilthyRichmond): "While I'm there to vote for Barack I'd also like to pre-vote for Michelle in 2016 if that's cool."

We'll be collecting standout tweets throughout the day to track what women are thinking and saying about the election. Check back often to see the latest.

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Election Day Tweets