11/06/2012 12:48 pm ET Updated Feb 06, 2013

Emily Little, Amherst Women's Soccer Player, Throws Ball At Opponent's Face Twice (VIDEO)

Hit me in the head once, shame on you. Hit me in the head twice and.. hey, that was on purpose!

With her team leading 1-0 in the 89th minute, Amherst defender Emily Little hurled the ball directly at a Colby player's head.. twice. She was trying to bleed a few a seconds off the clock according to Deadspin.

As noted by Bleacher Report, the first incident could have been considered a mistake, But the second? That was totally on purpose. The incident earned Little a yellow card for unsportsmanlike conduct and elicited angry boos from the crowd.

Amherst held on to defeat Colby in the quarterfinals of the 2012 New England Small College Athletic Conference tournament. The team was eliminated in the semifinals after losing to Bowdoin on penalty kicks.



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