11/06/2012 06:06 pm ET

Georgia Election Results 2012: Presidential And House Winners (REAL-TIME MAP)

In the graphic below you'll find the 2012 presidential election results for the state of Georgia.

The Peach State seemed firmly within Republican nominee Mitt Romney's grasp leading up to Election Day, despite showing the potential to swing blue for the first time since Bill Clinton was first elected in 1992. Still, John McCain took the state with a 5 percent margin in 2008.

Shifting demographics have, however, shown the state's potential to swing in the future.

Also on the ballot this year for some voters are a number of House seats, though only one is really worth watching. Georgia's 12th District representative, Democrat John Barrow, is vying to hold on to his seat, though the task became significantly harder since redistricting removed the relatively Democratic city of Savannah from the district and replaced it with the more conservative Augusta area.



Election Day 2012