11/06/2012 02:08 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Tells Anti-Gay Fans To Unfriend Him On Facebook

Jesse Tyler Ferguson has no time for same-sex marriage opponents.

The "Modern Family" star -- who recently announced his engagement to longtime boyfriend Justin Mikita -- posted a lengthy status tackling the subject on his Facebook page, noting:

"As an actor I have learned that I have to develop a thick skin but as a HUMAN I am having a harder time. The amount of vitriol I have received in the past few days over my stance on marriage equality could kill an adult horse!"

He went on to note:

"The majority of my fans have been amazing & supportive. But I am in shock and ashamed of many of my 'fans' who are standing firm in their stance that I am 'less than' them because of my sexual orientation. To those who feel this way: I gladly show you the door and wish you well on your journey."

The status has drawn a staggering number of likes and comments from Ferguson's fans. Writes one: "You have been such an inspiration not only to the LGBT community but to the world as a whole since coming out and being an advocate for equality for all. How anyone could be a 'fan' of yours and still see you as less deserving of rights than they are is beyond me."

Adds another: "Hey Jesse, I don't know who you are, I am married, Catholic and a Republican. And I 100 percent agree with you to have all the same rights as I do. Don't let small minded people bring you down."

Ferguson isn't the only celebrity to sound off on gay marriage in recent weeks. Gay icons Barbra Streisand, Cher and Madonna have all pointed to LGBT rights as they've backed President Barack Obama's re-election campaign.



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