11/06/2012 11:07 am ET Updated Nov 06, 2012

Jill Green, Florida Woman, Has Obama Campaign Signs Stolen Then Receives Bizarre Letter From Thief

When Jill Green first had her Obama campaign signs stolen off her lawn, she thought it may have just been a disgruntled foe. But things took an unusual turn when she received a bizarre postcard from the thief, a resident of the neighborhood, who said that when thieves see a pro-Democrat lawn sign they think "the subdivision is filled with retards and half-wits."

Green, a resident of Sarasota, Fla., who lives in the Indian-Beach/Sapphire Shores neighborhood, had her Obama election signs stolen twice from her yard, according to WWSB. She then received a postcard featuring a photo of former President Ronald Reagan next to President Barack Obama, captioned "Hero" and "Zero," respectively.

In part, the bizarre letter reads: (Visit WWSB for the full letter.)

My apologies for your Democrat yard signs, but I can explain. I live around the corner from you and when I see signs that support Democrats I fear for the safety of our neighborhood. When thieves drive through Sapphire Shores scoping out possible targets and see pro-Democrat yard signs they automatically assume that the subdivision is filled with retards and half-wits. The gangsters think it's easy pickings because they already know that if a person votes Democrat they probably don't have the sense to come in out of the rain, not to mention locking their doors or securing their valuables. It is common knowledge amongst burglars that Democrats are anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment so when they see campaign signs that promote Democrats they know the homeowners are not armed and therefore unable to protect themselves from attack.

The letter was signed "Bat Masterson."

Bat Masterson was an American Old West figure and U.S. Marshal whose likeness was portrayed in the fictionalized 1950s NBC series, "Bat Masterson."

"It scared me that this was not a Democratic society," Green told Sarastoa Patch via a Skype call from Costa Rica, where she spends part of her year. "Here's this guy who was willing to violate Democrats because he believes me that the Republicans are the only way to go, so let's get rid of Democrats."

In 2008, Green faced a similar incident when her Obama signs were shredded, burned and placed in her mailbox, according to Patch. "That was more violent and actually vandalism," she said. Still, she considers the postcard "scary."

Green wrote a letter to the Herald-Tribune about her failed attempts to contact the Sarasota police about her stolen Obama signs. "I never called the police back, and they never called me or came to my door. This was no emergency, but it is a sad state of affairs," Green wrote.



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