11/06/2012 05:44 pm ET

Linda Hogan, 'Brides Of Beverly Hills' Star: 'It's Harder For Women To Find Men At 53'

Linda Hogan was approached to do an episode of "Brides of Beverly Hills" while she was engaged, but when it came time to tape the episode, her engagement was off. Feeling that she still had an important story to tell, TLC agreed to go ahead and show that not every bride has a fairy-tale ending.

“So many girls go through this when they are left at the altar -- it’s a life-changing moment,” Linda tells The Huffington Post. “After coming away from such a rough marriage and divorce, Charlie [Hill, 23] was such a breath of fresh air. Although it didn’t work out, he was an amazing person and I needed to rely on someone during that time. I was going through so much he carried me through. I was more upset breaking up with him than getting a divorce. We were soul mates. We are still friends, but my future isn’t going to be with him. The age difference raised its head. I had many nights crying over him.”

Recently rocked by her ex-husband's sex tape, Linda insists she hasn't given up on love, but is finding it very hard to meet the right man.

“I hope I find love again. I don’t like being alone with 11 dogs. I thought I had hit bottom going through the divorce, but Charlie was a band-aid. Now I have to face the fact I’m alone, I’m not married, I do not have a man in my life and my kids are grown. What happened here?" Linda said. "It’s harder for women to find men at 53. When you're 53 years old, you can't go out to clubs and hit on guys. I look ridiculous in a club."



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