11/06/2012 04:31 pm ET

Matt Taibbi: 'Life Doesn't Change Too Terribly Much In America No Matter Which Party Wins'


Everyone can just calm down. The outcome of the presidential election isn’t really that important, at least if you ask Matt Taibbi.

The financial journalist of “Vampire Squid” fame wrote in a blog post for Rolling Stone Tuesday morning that the outcome of the presidential election won’t affect the everyday lives of most Americans.

“Life doesn't change too terribly much in America no matter which party wins the presidency – not real change, the way people in the rest of the world understand real political change, i.e. in terms of reprisals and collapsed currencies and assassinations and other such disasters,” he wrote.

But that doesn’t mean the future of important issues that affect many Americans on a daily basis aren’t at stake. The way Americans access their health care could be determined by the outcome of this election, for one. And the two candidates have very different ideas about much families of varying degrees of wealth should pay in taxes.

Still, Taibbi’s take isn’t all that surprising given that he argued in the past that the media-election complex has gone too far, with reporters obsessively focusing on poll numbers instead of spending their time investigating more complex issues. He’s said the media should have been more aggressive in countering Romney’s tax plan, calling the campaign’s proposal “not serious.”

Romney and Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan lied more than their Democratic competition during the campaign, according to a recent analysis.

Though Taibbi continues to be critical of the media-election complex and the negative energy it spews, it hasn’t stopped him from deriding Mitt Romney. Taibbi wrote last month that the Republican candidate is a “salesman and bullshit artist of the highest order.”



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