11/06/2012 09:02 pm ET

Minnesota Election Results 2012 MAP: Presidential Winner For the North Star State (REAL-TIME DATA)

Below you can find the 2012 presidential election results for the state of Minnesota.

Minnesota, which Barack Obama claimed easily in 2008, is again expected to go in favor of the incumbent. The president has maintained a lead in the state throughout the campaign, including the days just before most voters hit the polls.

Minnesota has proven to be so blue that a Republican hasn't claimed it since 1972, when Richard Nixon won his first term. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, that's the longest current Democratic win streak of any state. However, in the final days of the campaign, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney hadn't quite conceded the North Star State, unleashing one last string of TV ads, and even gracing the state with his running-mate and neighboring congressman, Paul Ryan.



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