11/06/2012 12:15 am ET Updated Nov 06, 2012

Obama 'Monday Night Football' Interview: Expand College Football Playoffs To 8 Teams (VIDEO)

Keep reforming college football.

That was the message President Barack Obama sent in an interview with ESPN's Chis Berman during "Monday Night Football's" half-time show on the eve of the presidential election.

College football's bowl system has become something of a pet issue for Obama over the years. Talking with Berman in 2008, then-Senator Obama argued that the current system -- in which the nation's top teams are paired off in a set of championship games, called the Bowl Championship Series, by way of a convoluted combination of polls and computer modeling -- needed to be replaced with an straightforward eight-team playoff.

College football's governing body reformed the BCS earlier this year, and will implement a four-team, single-elimination tournament to determine its champion starting in 2014. During Monday night's interview, Berman asked Obama if he was satisfied with the changes:

Berman: Four years ago when we spoke, Mr. President, you called for a college football playoff. Now, you got that done. It starts in two years with four schools involved, but did they go far enough?

Obama: Promises made, promises kept. This was something I said needed to get done. And this is the kind of change you can believe in. But, I'd like to see it actually go to eight. I'll be honest with you.

Obama also fit in a plug for his hometown Chicago Bears, telling Berman that he thought the team -- which features a brutally effective defensive unit this year -- was good enough to win the Super Bowl.

Republican nominee Mitt Romney also sat down for an interview with Berman, which you can watch here.



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