11/06/2012 01:29 pm ET

Obama vs. Romney in Food Art: Our Candidates Depicted In Snacks (PHOTOS)

Jason Mecier

It's election day! We hope everyone had smooth and pleasant voting experiences. Although we love election day around here, and are always super excited to fulfill our civic duty, the hours after we vote are always full of stress for us. Who will win? How will it turn out? Will everything get counted correctly? It's a nail-biter every time.

In case you are the same way, here's a way to think about the election without really thinking about it: Obama and Romney depicted in food. This year has given us plenty of amazing food art to choose from -- we've had beef jerky portraits, cookies and even meatloaf to enjoy.

If we missed any of your favorite food art, please let us know so we can track it down and share with everyone else! Happy election day, everyone.

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Obama And Romney Food Art