11/06/2012 08:39 am ET

How Obama And Romney Stack Up On BMI, Physical Fitness And More

As Americans head to the polls Tuesday, November 6, they'll be casting their ballots for the candidate they believe is the most fit for office.

But while the Healthy Living editors anticipate the election results with the rest of the country, we thought it could be fun to see how the candidates stack up when it comes to more personal measures of fitness. Turns out, President Obama and Governor Romney are both in good health: at ages 51 and 65, respectively, the candidates maintain active lifestyles, incorporating regular exercise and (relatively) healthy diets.

In his most recent physical report, Obama's physician confirmed that the president had finally kicked his decades-long smoking habit. The AP also reported that he attends occasional physical therapy for upper back pain, tested normally for PSA levels and had several benign skin tags removed from his neck.

As for the governor? According to a letter posted from his physician posted on his campaign website, he underwent an appendectomy in 1965, had a benign tumor removed in 1985 and received stitches in his right hand in 1987. He also sustained a concussion and fractures in a 1968 car accident, and currently is diagnosed with hyperlipidemia, or high blood cholesterol.

Here, how the candidates shake out on 11 different health metrics:

How The Presidential Candidates Stack On On Health