11/06/2012 06:25 pm ET

Political Anecdote Or Movie Character? (QUIZ)

The election is finally here, meaning no more presidential debates, campaign rallies or stump speeches for another few years. While we're sure we'll go through some kind of post-election withdrawal, the one thing we certainly won't miss has to be the questionable political anecdotes told by both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney on the campaign trail.

Now normally, these stories consist of something along the lines of, "I met a woman from Ohio who agreed with everything I've ever said/done." But sometimes, the campaign trail stories are more dramatic. A LOT more dramatic. They're so dramatic, in fact, that they start to resemble plot lines and character sketches from the movies. Now we want to know: can you spot the difference between a political anecdote and a movie character?

Try our quiz below to see how much attention you paid to politics this year (or just how many Julia Roberts movies you've seen).