11/06/2012 04:03 pm ET

Rob Delaney's Funniest Mitt Romney Tweets

Throughout the course of the campaign, one man on Twitter has dominated jokes about Mitt Romney. Stand-up comedian Rob Delaney has made it his personal mission to use his Twitter platform, which boasts over 600,000 followers, to take aim at the GOP presidential candidate's views, especially Romney's stance on women's reproductive and health issues.

Delaney has expanded on his political opinions more seriously in VICE -- namely, that he believes Republicans' stances on health care and education are backward and vile, and why he supports Obama for re-election (he didn't vote for him in 2008).

His tweets about Romney have proven to be among his most popular, often getting retweeted at astounding numbers. His most popular tweet of all time, retweeted 8,573 times, was "I was considering voting for @mittromney, but then I remembered I ENTERED THE WORLD THROUGH A VAGINA." His Romney tweets even inspired a blog of illustrations of the tweets, Mitt And Rob.

If Romney loses today, Delaney would lose one of his most popular comedic targets. But somehow we think he'd be okay with that.

Rob Delaney Tweets