11/06/2012 12:22 pm ET

Tammy Baldwin Agonizingly Close To Becoming The First Openly Gay Senator

Oh my gaaaaaaaaaahd, Tammy Baldwin! Is anyone else out there anxiety-pacing all-day all-night because you just want Tammy Baldwin to win so bad? Can't you just taste a Tammy Baldwin victory? (It tastes like blueberry muffins!) Baldwin is in a dead heat with Republican Tommy "Tom-Tom the Tomahawk" Thompson (hot-button issues: alliteration, eyebrows), with both candidates currently tied in the polls after months of record-breaking campaign spending. Baldwin is hopeful that actual voting numbers will skew in her favor: "It's going very well," she told the Guardian. "There is momentum with us and I don't think the polls have picked up on this all over the state."

So, we won't know until tomorrow whether or not Tammy-B will become our first openly gay senator. But on the bright side: The polls have already closed in the race for Most Openly Inspirational Tear Factory, and TAMMY BALDWIN WON BY A LANDSLIDE. Here she is talking about how dreams DO come true, little unicorn!

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