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The Huffington Post Wants To Hear Your Voting Experiences

Did you vote? How did it go? The Huffington Post wants to hear your voting experiences. Email us at openreporting@huffingtonpost.com with your stories, photos or videos, and we will post the best ones here.

From Pam in Reno, Nevada at 5:13 pm

No lines whatsoever, in and out.

From Paula in Punsuxtawney, Pennsylvania at 5:11 pm

This would have been my daughter first time been able to vote as a Freshmen College Student at IUP. She has been going to the polls with me since she was a baby. She changed her address to her school address to Jefferson County in August. When she got to the poll she was told she was not registered at all, although she registered in Allegheny County on her 18th birthday.

I am horrified and I know she is terrified that she has been practicing all her life to exercise this right and could not do it.

Senseless... But she told me, "Mom at least I encourage some of my friends to vote and went with them". That's a winner in adversary.

From Monica in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio at 5:02 pm

A third problem i heard about today. My daughter was casting her ballot in Cuyahoga Falls, OH for Pres Obama. The scanner said she had made 2 selections for president - which she did not! She completed a second ballot, which scanned properly & the poll worker told her that had been happening all day!!!

From Anamarget in Miami, Florida at 4:51 pm

My voting place is close to the airport. I got to the polls at 11am. I left at 4:17pm. There was a lot of line cutting and no security.

It's a mostly hispanic area, probably about 98%, and there were hardly any Spanish speaking election helpers.
It was so stupidly disorganized. I only stayed because I wanted my vote to count. It's the last time I'll vote on election day. Early voting for ever.

From Elizabeth in Iron River, Michigan at 4:34 pm

At 10:30 AM, no lines, but steady traffic of voters. By my voting number, I figure we had 30% turnout in my precinct by 10:30 am! Then afterwards the town was full - people at all stores and the library, running errands after voting. Rather festive. It gives a person hope.

From Donita in Orlando, Florida at 4:22 pm

I waited for 3 ½ hours in line to vote in my local polling place. The lines were wrapped around the Metro West Golf Club here in Orlando, FL where there was quite a turnout. After being in line since 8:45AM EST and finally voting at 12:15PM EST, I was number 422 with many more behind me. Overall, it went smoothly, but it would have been greatly improved had there been more than one machine to register/certify the ballots.

From Andy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at 4:19 pm

Coincidentally, I lost my driver's license two weeks ago, so this morning I went to a PennDot, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Center downtown to get a duplicate driver's license. When I got there at 10:30 there were about 300 people in line ahead of me, 95% of them were minorities, Black, Hispanic, and a sprinkling of Asians, as well as many seemingly poor elderly people from all our racial groups, and many small children. Most of the people were there to get State issued photo IDs even though that was not supposed to be a requirement for this election. Some that I spoke with said they'd been told they could not vote without that photo ID. As I waited the three and a half hours for my number to be called, I noticed that about one in ten of the numbers being called were not answers by people still waiting, so about 10% of the people must have left before their numbers were called. When my number was called, around 2pm, there were about 150 still behind me waiting for their numbers to be called, and more arriving when I left.

From Melissa in Bradenton, Florida at 4:02 pm

I drove folks to the polls in Bradenton Fl. today. Lots of rain, 6 people so far have been turned away. Lack of Id. All black and all Dems. I feel sad. One was really old and in his Army uniform with medals and all but he only had a food stamp card and bill and voting card, his pic id. was exp. and they made him leave. Two Latino women said they quit there job to vote today. Neither got the day off and they had no early voting yesterday or the usual Sun. So many people did not know that and took yesterday off work. I am going back out there to drive.

From David in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at 3:58 pm

Smooth sailing-one of places in Milwaukee with a smaller turnout. I was #331

From Megan in Richmond, Virginia at 3:44 pm

Voting lines in Richmond, Va., are long but worth it. I arrived at my polling place at 9:19 a.m. and walked out at 10:55 a.m., an hour and 36 minutes later. It was my first experience voting in the city. Despite the long line most people seemed excited and determined to make their voice heard. Even the children towed along were on their best behavior. Our voting machines were touchscreen WINVote machines that seemed to work fine, despite my continued skepticism about them being tamper proof. All in all it was a great experience and a wonderful opportunity to mingle with my community.

From Namaste in Ohio at 3:43 pm

I live in Van Wert County, which is rural (over by the Indiana state line) and never have much of a wait because of the small population. Nonetheless, they gave me some hassles. I am economically-depressed and cannot afford to buy a home. As a renter, I stay much longer than most but have moved since my drivers license was last issued. Because my address didn't match the address they had in their book, which was correct, they asked me for a utility bill to show my address. I did not know I had to take a bill with me. A friend of mine in Columbus said people in front of him in line had to vote provisionally because their ID showed the correct address, but left out the apartment number.

From Jerdy in Location Unknown at 3:37 pm

I voted early for Pres Obama along with my husband and mom! No problems.

My neice went today to vote and she is pregnant was waiting in line and I informed her mother not for her to wait in line, she went to a poll worker and informed him that her daughter was pregnant. She was asked how many months is she. Pregnant is pregnant Duh....

From Sean in Cincinnati, Ohio at 3:35 pm

In my 16 years of voting in suburban Cincinnati, I have never encountered ANY line or wait at my voting place... until today! Despite more booths than ever before, the line was out the door and my wait was 40 minutes. The poll workers said that lines had been out the door since 6:30am. The weather is good and spirits are high, so it's wonderful to see such high levels of civic engagement!

From Julie in Tampa, Florida at 2:37 pm

OK granted I did not go during peak times; I left the house at about 11:50 am. I did not experience any long waits whatsoever. I spent more time chatting with the ladies outside from Election Protection after I voted then I did inside. I was back home in about an hour.

However, I did have a sample ballot and I had made my choices before I went, otherwise it would have taken forever to review/decide on all of the eleven stupid amendments that they had on the Florida Ballot this year.

From Paul in South Carolina at 2:34 pm

I am pleased to report that at my precinct in Anderson, SC voting was a breeze. I live in a heavily minority area and had worried about some sort of voter intimidation, but saw no sign of anything other than very kind and courteous poll workers and people excited to vote! I overheard the older lady next to me ask how to vote a straight democratic ticket and the poll worker was very kind and helped her cast her ballot. I love to see democracy in action.

From Hope in Arkansas, at 2:29 pm

I voted today at about 11:30 a.m. at the Walnut Street Baptist Church in Jonesboro, Arkansas (7th District). As I drove up to the polling place, there were many candidates' pep squads holding up signs and waving, all within the appointed legal amount of feet. When I walked up to the voting area, there were several young women handing out coupons for free chicken sandwiches from Chik-Fil-A. They were passing them out to the poll workers and the voters. One of the girls tried to give me one, but I said, "No, thanks. I know what Chik-Fil-A stands for, and I think it's wrong that you have infiltrated the voting area.

From Sheila in Pennsylvania at 2:29 pm

My husband and I went to vote this morning in Lower Saucon Township, PA. A poll worker asked me for my ID, and I said, “I don’t need an ID to vote in PA.” She said, “Well, you might need one next year.” She then asked my husband for his ID, and he said “Sure, here’s my ID” and gave her his ACLU card. We voted. It was fun.

From Anne in Lousianna at 2:22 pm

I'm from Louisiana. There were lines of people and it took an hour in line. I can't say enough good things about my experience. I am a bit mobility impaired and was having trouble standing. There were a few chairs along a wall to sit in and people kept my place in line until it was time to sign the registry. Then a poll worker slid a chair for me up to a table so I didn't have to stand to sign. Then another poll worker asked me if I was having trouble standing and put me at the front of the line to vote. They did this so smoothly and quietly that I didn't have to be embarrassed about having trouble walking and standing. This was a very professional group of people.

From Fabian in Pinellas County, Florida at 2:16 pm

I live in Pinellas county and the lines to the polling places have not been long at all. Pinellas county is one of the most populated counties in Florida. North and Central Pinellas is mostly GOP.

From Cissy in Wlasenburg, Colorado at 2:05 pm

My husband and I have been using mail-in ballots for as long as the State of Colorado has allowed the. We wonder why everyone does not vote by mail. So easy, so efficient.

From Camille in Berks, County Pennsylvania at 2:03 pm

We are new to the community here. Our first voting here. We are seniors, white. We were asked to show a driver's license. When we said, "We understood it was not required", the clerk, an older woman, stared us down and said "I need to see your ID." We felt intimidated and did not want to have a scene since we are new to the neighborhood. We produced our driver's licenses.

From Benamin in Wisconsin at 1:43 pm

In Maple Bluff, WI on the northeast edge of Lake Mendota in Madison, WI voting was very easy. Probably one of the best places to vote in America thanks to the volunteers who help make it run so well.

From K Fitch in Pennsylvania at 1:37 pm

When I went to vote this morning at 7:30am - there was only 1 working voting machine at our polling location in Mt Airy (outside Philadelphia) PA. I waited in line for almost an hour and a half with my young daughter - the good thing is, most people seemed to remain in good spirits.

From Therese in New York City's Upper West Side at 1:37 pm

I voted. Took 1.5 hr wait on line, biggest lines I've ever seen at my polling place (in 35 years of voting). But folks were very friendly

From Monica in Ohio at 1:30 pm

Know of 2 voters so far (1 in Summit Co & 1 in Stark Co) that showed up to vote @ regular location to discover it had been changed. No notice was received by mail in either case, nor were there any signs @ old location to give them new location address. Both incidents in democrat leaning precincts



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