11/07/2012 12:29 pm ET Updated Nov 07, 2012

Homes Flooded By Beaver Dam Breach In Duvall, Washington (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Dam beavers!

Homes in Duvall, Washington were flooded after a beaver dam broke apart on November 5th,reports the Seattle Times.

The dam, which came to ruins late Monday morning, unleashed water from a 3-acre pond causing damage to houses, properties and roads.

Resident Bob Siko's home, which isn't covered by flood insurance, was severely affected and suffered damage to his land and barn. "A 2-foot wall of water with debris in it," Siko told KOMO News. “Could have swept my children away."

According to both the Times and KOMO News, Siko had previously been concerned about the dam and contacted officials. He claims he was told that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers would look into it. But Lynne Miller, a spokeswoman for the King County Office of Emergency Management, says she knew nothing of this conversation. KTVB reports the County has called this a natural occurrence, but did admit the dam had been modified after a rush of water came down earlier this year.

This isn't the only location to have dealt with a beaver dam breach. In 2009 eight homes were hit in Clinton, Island County after tons of water flood through the area.

Beavers typically flood areas for protection from predators and to access their food, and normally build dams with available materials such as wood, mud and plants.

Watch the video above from KOMO News and head over to the Seattle Times for more information. Oh, and check out our slideshow of beaver dams.

Beaver Dams

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