11/07/2012 08:02 am ET Updated Nov 07, 2012

BioLite CampStove: Make Dinner And Charge Your Phone (VIDEO)

Hurricane Sandy has left many on the East Coast without power. It's been a trying time, but it has brought a lot of people together. One simple reminder is the images of people lending their electricity for those without power to charge their electronics. Because being without power is hard, but being unable to communicate, that makes things impossible.

While getting batteries and bottles of water was a good way to prepare, we think the next time a big storm is headed our way the Biolite CampStove might be our next strategy for preparedness (and we can use it on camping trips too). This compact stove, which was released nearly two years ago, is no bigger than a water bottle and it can cook your food and charge your electronics requiring nothing more than a handful of twigs.

If you ask us, that's some forward-thinking design. Check out how it works in the video above.

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