11/07/2012 04:36 pm ET

Chicago Election Judges: 'Drunk,' 'Disruptive' And Other Bad Behavior Reported

While most of the celebratory or consolatory rounds of booze were knocked back after the polls closed in Tuesday's election, at least one election judge got their drink on before the first ballots were cast.

Overall, only three election judges in Chicago were removed from duty for their bad behavior this election, with conflicting reports on exactly how many were taken off duty for showing up soused.

CBS Chicago reported two judges, with a third removed for being disruptive, while the Tribune says only one judge showed up tipsy; the remaining two were dismissed for being sleepy and belligerent toward voters.

Spokesman for the Chicago Elections Commission James Allen seemed to have a good sense of humor about the ordeal, calling the three judges booted from duty "sleepy, grumpy and drunky," according to the Tribune.

In the South Loop, an election judge donned an Obama cap while working the polls--a violation, according to the Chicago Board of Elections. CBS reported the board of elections was given a heads-up and told the judge to nix the hat. Once the judge ditched the pro-Obama gear, he was allowed to keep working.

Langdon Neal, chairman of the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners, apologized at a news conference Tuesday for the various polling problems reported around town, according to the Tribune. Neal said a few election judges seemingly "looked to interfere with the process," with reports of missing blank ballots and demands for voter I.D.

Neal also said too many provisional ballots were being issued by election judges, according to WBEZ.

During the 2011 mayoral election, two judges were kicked off duty for showing up drunk, according to CBS. A third was dismissed for getting into a row with the firefighters hosting the polling location.

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