11/07/2012 02:56 pm ET

David Skeberdis, Aurora Bird Hoarder, Charged With Misdemeanor

There's been little good news of late for David Skeberdis, the Aurora man who admitted to an obsession that filled his home with hundreds of birds. Skeberdis, 57, has been charged with "companion animal hoarding," a misdemeanor in Illinois.

Prior to the charge, Skeberdis failed to meet the city's Oct. 26 deadline to remove a reported 479 birds from his townhouse, meaning he could be billed at least $13,000 for the city to handle the cleanup instead.

Skeberdis was served with the charges Monday, according to ABC Chicago.

In Illinois, "companion animal hoarding" is generally defined as someone who keeps a large number of companion animals, fails to provide the animals adequate care, keeps the animals in a crowded environment and doesn't recognize or act on the hazard such conditions pose to both the animals and other humans.

If convicted, Skeberdis could face six months in county jail, reports NBC Chicago.

Aurora city officials made the discovery in October, revealing Skeberdis had hoarded hundreds of birds for roughly seven years. Skeberdis initially said he wanted help, though ABC recently reported that authorities said he had not been cooperating with cleanup efforts.