11/07/2012 05:47 pm ET

George Brauchler Elected Arapahoe County District Attorney, Will Decide James Holmes' Fate

Besides helping to reelect the president and voting to legalize marijuana, Colorado made another change at the ballot box. A new District Attorney will be taking over the case of James Holmes v. The People of Colorado in Arapahoe County.

Republican George Brauchler, 43, won the state's biggest judicial district with 53 percent of the vote compared to Democrat Ethan Feldman's 47 percent.

The 18th Judicial District represents four counties: Arapahoe, Douglas, Elbert and Lincoln. Brauchler will be taking over for District Attorney Carol Chambers, who is term-limited.

Brauchler, who is a lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve, also is a supporter of the death penalty.

In a Denver Post voter guide when he was asked whether he supports the death penalty, Brauchler responded:

Yes. I have supported the death penalty as a discretionary tool for elected prosecutors for my entire professional career. As a military prosecutor, I sought death penalty charges on a case involving a heinous act of premeditated murder. I do not believe that we will be safer as a community if we draw a line in the sand that says 'no matter what someone does to us, in whatever horrific way, they never have to worry about forfeiting their life.'

During the race his opponent, Feldman, said that Brauchler had been "exploiting" the Holmes case in a link he posted on his Facebook page.

Last week Feldman, published a blog on The Huffington Post:

On Octoberr 18, someone with the screen name "George Brauchler for DA" posted a picture of the alleged theater shooter and shared a link to a Washington Times article with a comment that "Articles about our race have been written from coast to coast...." On that same day, someone posted a comment to that posting that said, "George, we need you in office now!" Who posted that? Someone with the screen name "George Brauchler for DA". Well, Brauchler admitted to the Westword writer, Alan Prendergast, that he himself did the original posting of the picture, link, and first comment. But he denied posting the exhortation that he was needed in office "now!" Brauchler claimed that he didn't know who posted that comment and he didn't know how a supporter could have posted the comment, stating, incredibly, that the comment was "vague" and he had deleted it.

Holmes is accused of killing 12 and wounding 58 others in the July 20th shooting in Aurora.



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