11/07/2012 04:33 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

iPad vs. Surface Video: Clever New Parody Shows Microsoft's First Tablet Crushing Apple's Fourth

The Surface tablet -- Microsoft's response to King of the Tablet Mountain Apple iPad -- has been released to the public, and despite mixed reviews, the Windows 8 slate appears to have won over its share of fans and fierce defenders.

Look no further than this video made by Cinesaurus (of really tall iPhone 5 fame) comparing the two tablets as proof. The video itself is a parody of Apple's iPad mini "Heart and Soul" advertisement, which shows an iPad and iPad mini duetting on the piano classic.

In the parody version, the iPad mini is replaced with a Microsoft Surface, and things get a bit messy when the Surface comes on screen to play the lyrical line.

You can watch the parody below:

The Microsoft Surface (1st generation) and Apple iPad (4th generation) are both on sale now, and both start at $499. No word yet on whether the Surface will destroy the iPad in terms of sales, though reviewers seem to prefer Apple's tablet thus far.



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