11/07/2012 05:31 pm ET

Ken David, Michigan Empty Chair Lyncher, Draws Counter-Display After Obama Win

Opponents of President Barack Obama have been all too eager to make their displeasure with the president known this election season by putting up displays of "lynched" empty chairs, in nods to actor Clint Eastwood's strange speech at the Republican National Convention.

With the election now in the books and Obama headed back to the White House for a second term, however, Ken David of Grand Haven Township, Mich., the owner of one such display, has received some pointed feedback regarding his creation, according to the Grand Rapids Press.

On Wednesday morning, David found a new plastic lawn chair nailed to his driveway, a short distance away from his own hanging chair and a number of signs urging people to "Take Back Our Country in November."

This new chair was not as empty as his.

Messages scrawled on the plastic chair read “4 more years” and "racist pig." David called the response "not nice," the Grand Rapids Press reports.

“That person there is the racist,” David told the Press, responding a question about the person responsible for the act. “I never was a racist and I never intended to be a racist. The only thing I’m for is liberty and freedom.”

As for his own display, David told the Press he plans to keep it up for another four years if need be.

See photos and read more at The Grand Rapids Press.



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