11/07/2012 11:56 am ET Updated Nov 04, 2013

Kids And Phones: How Do You Take Your Smartphone Back From Your Child?

Jill Smokler doesn't want to share anymore. According to a post on Scary Mommy, her 5-year-old son Evan got control of her iPhone, and he doesn't seem inclined to give it back. He has deleted emails and used it as a flotation device for his preschool characters. But after he threw an "epic temper tantrum" when she tried to text during the hurricane, Smokler has decided it's time to set him straight.

"I'm not sure how I'm going to do this, exactly, and it's not going to be pretty," she writes on her site. Smokler is dealing with a case of "Whose Phone Is It Anyway?" (hers!), but she's hardly the only parent struggling with how much kids should be using devices. Whatever the reason, it's not always easy to tell a child that it's Mommy or Daddy's turn to use the phone. (Especially if Cookie Doodle is an option.)

Here at HuffPost Parents, we're very interested in how families wrestle with issues involving technology, questions which are notably ones that our parents never had to think about. (We recently launched Screen Sense, a page dedicated to the topic.) So we want to hear from you. How often do you let your kids use your phone? Do you get frustrated when they want to use it? And what happens when you try to take a gadget back? Share your answers in the comments.

Sadly, even if Smokler does succeed in getting her phone back, she still won't have the apps she really needs.