11/12/2012 12:12 pm ET

Miami Indie Cinema Roundup: Arthouse Films Nov. 12 To 18 (VIDEOS)

Victorian romance and drama come to local big screens with British film "Wuthering Heights," playing at O Cinema's Miami Shores location, Miami Beach Cinematheque, Cinema Paradiso and Cosford Cinema.

Based on the novel by Emily Brontë, the films follows orphan gypsy Heathcliff who is taken into a farming family's home where he falls in love with their daughter, Catherine. Their love is forbidden when societal views of class get in the way, and he seeks revenge on those who kept them apart.

Tower Theater also brings drama with "The Other Son," a switched-at-birth story set in the Middle East where lineage can mean everything.

For laughs and rad Tae Kwon Do moves, check out the resurrection of the 1980s flick "Miami Connection" at O Cinema.