11/07/2012 07:19 pm ET

New Marriage Law In The Bahamas Makes Weddings At Sea A Lot Easier

For couples dreaming of tying the knot in true pirate fashion, it's time to grab your parrot and treasure chest: weddings at sea just got a whole lot easier.

Thanks to the Bahamas' recently passed Marriage Act, couples can now be legally married onboard ships registered in the country while in international waters.

The legality of weddings performed aboard cruise ships is dependent upon the marriage laws of the country in which the ship is registered. Passage of the Marriage Act means that for cruise lines registered in the Bahamas, such as Royal Caribbean, marriages that take place during their voyages can now be recognized by the island nation and recorded in the Bahamas' Marriage Record book.

A small group of cruise lines were already able to perform legal ceremonies at sea because they are registered in countries other than the Bahamas, including Celebrity Cruises and Princess Cruises. Many other cruise lines, such as Carnival and Holland America, allow weddings to be performed while the ship is in port, not at sea.

Check out this slideshow for some pirate-themed wedding ideas.

Arrrrg! Pirate Weddings

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