11/08/2012 08:56 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Beyonce's Style Before She Was Mrs. Jay-Z (PHOTO)

Before baby Blue Ivy, Jay-Z and "Halo," Beyoncé Knowles was famously a member of the pop group Destiny's Child. With hits like "Independent Women" and "Survivor," Beyoncé, along with fellow members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, became one of the most successful music sensations in the biz. Although the Texas native is best known for her pipes and her awesome fashion sense (who else can pull off sequined booty shorts), it's her million-dollar smile that has made her a household name.

In this photograph from the early aughts, young B reminds us of a few trends that some of us may wish we could forget. Wearing bandanas as tops was all the rage, as was crimping your hair. Although we can't stop looking at her killer figure, it's hard to ignore her bedazzled jeans (another trend we like to ignore ever existed). Though it may be tough to pull off this look today, we can't help but admire Ms. Knowles for her daring sense of style. Looks like she really is the queen of everything.



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Art by Raydene Salinas

Gemagic Bedazzler Rhinestones, Bandana Bed Head Hair Crimper, Levi's Jeans

Vintage Fashion Moments

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