11/08/2012 06:08 pm ET Updated Nov 09, 2012

Chet Sadler, Florida Taxi Driver, Fired For Waiting In Line To Vote For Too Long

So you think you can vote? That might be true, but it may cost you your job.

That’s been the experience of Florida man Chet Sadler, who was fired from his job as a taxi driver at Sanibel Taxi after waiting about six hours to vote Tuesday, The News-Press reports. His employer has since backtracked on the decision and offered the job back, though Sadler was evidently prepared to sacrifice his job in order to cast his ballot.

“I’m going to vote,” Sadler said he told his supervisor at Sanibel Taxi while waiting in line to vote for President Obama. “This is my duty, to vote. I’m sorry.” (The rules surrounding your employer and the ballot box are complex at best, by the way.)

It’s not just long wait times that have cost some employees their jobs in the wake of President Obama’s reelection. One man who identified himself as a Las Vegas CEO said he laid off 22 of his 114 employees as a direct result of Obama's victory, citing the “the taxes and regulations that are coming my way.”

He’s not the only boss to do so either. Another man who identified himself as a Georgia business owner told C-SPAN that he “can’t afford” the additional costs of employee health care coverage under Obamacare and is cutting workers hours as well as some jobs. Obamacare includes a mandate that businesses with over 50 employees have to provide full-time employees with health insurance. He says he specifically tried to lay off workers who had voted for Obama.

While several CEOs came forward in the lead up to the election to warn employees that they might be fired in the event of an Obama win, not all of them have stayed true to their word. One of the first CEOs to make such a threat, David Siegel of Westgate Resorts, has actually given his workers raises rather than lay them off.

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