11/08/2012 04:25 pm ET

Eric Brown Suspected Of Stealing Presidential Equipment

Authorities said they've finally caught up with the man who stole thousands of dollars worth of presidential equipment.

Eric Brown, 48, is accused of stealing a truck with the president's TelePrompTer, podium, and audio equipment, as well as a Department of Defense computer during a campaign stop in Henrico County, Va. in October, 2011.

WBTV reports that Brown was charged last month and appeared at a detention hearing on Wednesday. The truck with the equipment, valued at $200,000, was recovered several days later, but finding the alleged culprit took a year's worth of investigating.

Months after the theft, authorities got a tip from an informant, accusing Brown of selling a stolen laptop, according to WTVR. The informant also told agents he saw bins and other items with the presidential seal during his dealings with Brown.

Federal agents then used tracking records to discover that Brown's cell phone was in the area where the truck theft happened.

WWBT reports Brown's defense attorney argued the video doesn't show him driving the truck and that a few of the items recovered in a DC pawn shop were not brought in by Brown.

Brown's extensive criminal history dates back nearly three decades and includes pending charges in other jurisdictions. It was his criminal past, the judge said, that convinced him to deny Brown's release.

Brown could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted.



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