11/08/2012 01:03 pm ET Updated Nov 08, 2012

Florence Taylor Attacked By Ferret In England

It's not hard to ferret out the source of this woman's distress.

Florence Taylor of Nottinghamshire, England says she is now terrified to leave home after being attacked by a ferret, reports. The 86-year-old was riding home on a mobility scooter earlier this week when the rogue critter jumped aboard and latched its teeth into her leg.

The ferocious ferret held on for two minutes while she hit it with her walking stick.

"It was like something from a horror film," Taylor told the Mirror. "My neighbor came to help and it finally ran off. The blood was pouring out."

The woman was taken to a local hospital, where she received antibiotics and a tetanus shot.

Taylor says police only laughed at the incident and are refusing to investigate.

"I’m too scared to even leave my home in case it attacks me again," the grandmother of 10 told the Sun. "After all, it’s got a taste for my blood now.

Despite photographic evidence of Taylor's injuries, not everyone believes her story. One commenter on the Sun article has accused the media of "making up stories just to give ferrets bad press."



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