11/08/2012 02:59 pm ET Updated Nov 09, 2012

John Capio Posed As Modeling Agent To Satisfy Foot Fetish Outside Hookah Bar, Florida Police Say

He's got his foot in the door -- of a jail cell.

A Florida man allegedly posed as a modeling agent outside a hookah bar to satisfy his foot fetish, according to Orlando cops. Investigators say John Joseph Capio, 35, forced himself on a woman inside his car earlier this year after telling her she could be a foot model, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

The victim told police that on April 6, Capio approached her outside the Lit Hookah bar near the University of Central Florida's main campus. He then "started talking to her about how pretty she was and that he could make her a lot of money as foot model," cops said. Capio allegedly asked the woman to follow him to his car so he could get a business card for her.

He then allegedly grabbed her arm and pulled her into his car, pulled down his shorts and forced her to touch his genitals with her foot, the paper reports.

She couldn't identify her attacker to police, but they connected the incident to Capio because he's been arrested several times over the past two years for the same crime. He was charged Wednesday with battery, exposure of sexual organs and false imprisonment.

Sadly, Capio isn't the only foot-loving offender out there.

In August, a Georgia man pretended to represent the show, "America's Funniest Home Videos" to convince a woman to let him suck her toe. The incident led to his arrest.

In the same month, Anthony Parri of Rochester, N.Y. was arrested after allegedly touching children's feet inappropriately at a library. He reportedly told police he was set up by none other than President Barack Obama.



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