11/08/2012 03:31 pm ET

Obama & Luther Concede To Mitt Romney In Alternate 'Key & Peele' Election Reaction (VIDEO)

A terrible thing could have happened if Mitt Romney won the election on Tuesday. We would have had to say goodbye to the beloved Obama/Luther sketches on "Key & Peele!"

Thankfully, President Obama secured his reelection, so we can continue to hear from his "anger translator" for another few years. And, just like they told us during an interview last month, Key and Peele created two different Obama/Luther videos depending on the outcome of the election: the Obama victory sketch that we posted yesterday (which garnered 745,000 video views in 36 hours) and the exclusive Obama concession reaction video you see above.

See how Obama and Luther would have reacted if Romney had won the election above (hint: Luther doesn't take it very well) and watch our interview with Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele below.

WATCH: Key & Peele talk Obama & Luther



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