11/08/2012 05:54 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rihanna Posts Her Own Leaked V Magazine Shoot With Kate Moss (PHOTOS)

Making the rounds this morning was a rather racy set of photos starring Rihanna and one of our HuffPost Style favorites, Kate Moss. Shot by Mario Testino for a spread in V magazine, the photos were ever-so-timely: Kate Moss recently made a splash in the most new issue of Vanity Fair, promoting her new book, and just last night Rihanna stole the spotlight at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Perfect timing, right?

Wrong. Turns out the photos were leaked early... and posted online by Rihanna. The singer posted several cryptic tweets on Wednesday using the hashtag #V with Instagram photos attached: she and Kate posing on chairs, she and Kate embracing, etc. It's clear she got the photos from elsewhere on the Internet, but she popped them up on her Instagram all on her own.

So what's the deal? We were told by the folks at V magazine (emphasis ours):

It is an unfortunate case that these images were prematurely leaked, which is becoming a more prevalent issue within the industry.

While we don't condone what has happened, we are beyond excited to have gotten these two icons of music and fashion together for such a beautiful shoot. This is just a taste of all of the fabulousness that awaits in the March 2013 issue.

In other words: way to blow it, Riri.

Check out Rihanna's Instagram pics, which she still has not deleted, below.

rihanna leaks v magazine

rihanna leaks v magazine

rihanna v magazine

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