11/08/2012 07:42 pm ET Updated Jan 08, 2013

'The Killing' Might Be Returning To Netflix With AMC Reportedly In Negotiations For Season 3

"The Killing" may be getting revived ... and we'd have Netflix to blame or thank, depending on how you feel about the AMC series.

According to Deadline, "The Killing" will get a third season, thanks to a reported deal AMC is working on with Netflix. AMC did not renew the controversial series that upset viewers with its Season 1 cliffhanger, but the deal would bring "The Killing" back for a Season 3 with tandem Netflix streaming and airing on AMC, Deadline reports. Reps for both AMC and Netflix would not comment to HuffPost TV at this time.

"The Killing" producer Fox TV Studios has been working tirelessly to keep the series alive. In a statement released at the time AMC canceled the series, the production studio said, "We will proceed to try to find another home for the show," according to EW. Shortly after its cancellation, both Netflix and DirecTV were reportedly in talks to pick "The Killing" up for a third season, TVLine reported.

Ratings dropped in Season 2 of "The Killing," but the finale finally revealed the answer to the question most thought would be resolved in Season 1: "Who killed Rosie Larsen?" It turned out to be her aunt, Terry Marek (Jamie Anne Allman).

Eric Ladin, who played Darren Richmond's campaign manager Jamie Wright on the show, talked to USA Today about the Season 2 finale that aired in June. "You can't please everyone, but what it will do is breed conversation, and that's good. That's what they want," Ladin said. "Often times many things lead to the death of someone. It's not always clean. And that's what we've explored throughout this whole series."

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