11/08/2012 11:04 am ET

'The Last Stand' Trailer: Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Too Old For This (VIDEO)

No Arnold Schwarzenegger movie is complete without guns, explosions, and intense one-liners (a la "I'll be back"). As luck would have it, "The Last Stand" has all three.

A new trailer has been released for the upcoming action movie, due out from Lionsgate, Jan. 18, 2013. Schwarzenegger plays a small town sheriff who started his career as a member of the LAPD. The town he protects is on the U.S. border, making it the target of crime and drug cartels. The trailer shows Schwarzenegger trying to stop a drug lord from crossing through his town to get into Mexico.

"I'm not gonna let that guy come through our town without a fight," Schwarzenegger says, before later adding with some well-worn comic timing that he's "old."

The film also stars Forest Whitaker, Johnny Knoxville and Zach Gilford ("Friday Night Lights"), among others. It is the first English feature from director Kim-ji-Woon, who led films such as "A Tale of Two Sisters" and "The Good, the Bad, the Weird."

Watch the new trailer above.

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