Daphne Guinness Style Evolution (PHOTOS)

Daphne Guinness may be an heir to the famous family that brews the beer by the same name, but don't expect to find her behind a bar any time soon. The British beauty, known for her very unparalleled sense of style (think shoes with no heels and unique jewelry), is a muse, collaborator and designer herself. The heiress, who was married to Greek shipping magnate Spyros Niarchos (remember that famous last name?) spent a tidy sum of money to purchase Isabella Blow's entire wardrobe which was set to be auctioned off at Christie's, after the fashion editor's death in 2007. Shortly after Blow's death, Guinness suffered another loss when her best friend, Alexander McQueen, committed suicide in early 2010.

Guinness grew up between country homes in England, Ireland and Spain, where some of her neighbors included Salvador Dali and Man Ray, which may account for her love of the arts and her bohemian fashion sense. No shrinking beauty, Guinness is known for her wild hairstyles which are often a mélange of grey, white and black and remind us of Cruella de Vil and her daring ensembles.

In celebration of her 45th birthday, we've gathered up 45 of her most drawdropping looks.

Daphne Guinness Style Evolution

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