11/09/2012 07:07 am ET

'Jersey Shore' Gets A Look At Their Future As Older Woman Does Meatball Audition (VIDEO)

Things were getting a little tense between Paula and Mike on this week's "Jersey Shore," so what better way to fix that up than a look into the future. The whole gang -- well, those of them who went to Karma that night -- got a look at what their lives could become when an older lady came up to them and gave her best meatball impression.

She started by doing the Jersey Turnpike on Deena, and then went into this mesmerizing and bizarre gymnastics floor routine.

"I’ve never seen anything like this in my life," Jenni said of the unexpected performance. "It was like the best thing I ever saw."

So maybe this isn't a future that scares the cast, or anyone else at Karma. That drunk woman got hugs all around for her tumbling.

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